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Excited by the myriad opportunities at SD Mayer, Joe is keen on broadening his horizons and scaling new heights in his career. However, her most extensive experience comes from her tenure at the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Starting as an AP/AR Coordinator, her dedication and skillset saw her rise to the role of a General Ledger Accountant, where she further solidified her reputation for accuracy and integrity. Stationed at our front desk, she masterfully routes every incoming call, ensuring each inquiry reaches its intended destination swiftly. She is the unsung hero behind many administrative tasks that keep our office functioning seamlessly. He values the bonds of relationships, cherishing the time spent with his partner of over a decade.

Founded in 1946, RINA now has 80 professionals working from its three Bay Area locations. James J. McHale, CPA/PFS, is a family-owned accounting firm that serves San Francisco and the nearby areas. The firm offers professional services to individuals with complex tax matters and small businesses.

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SF Bay Accounting also offers wealth management services for individuals with high net worth, overseeing their business and personal financial needs. RINA Accountants & Advisors is a San Francisco accounting firm that supports individuals, businesses, real estate ventures, and nonprofit bookkeeping san francisco organizations. Its team of certified public accountants provides financial statement services, bookkeeping, payroll services, and forecasts and projections. It also offers business plan consulting, tax strategy consulting, retirement income planning, and trust and estate planning.

accountant san francisco

A self-confessed foodie, Joe loves exploring the myriad gastronomic delights the City offers, always on the hunt for the next best restaurant. Her analytical prowess is evident in her ability to dissect complex financial statements, ensuring they adhere to the highest standards of transparency and accuracy. Specializing in financial report audits, she collaborates seamlessly with our tight-knit audit team, contributing to both the strategic and operational facets of the audit process. Angelica’s strong foundation in accounting is accredited to her academic achievements at San Francisco State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

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Tax season was fast approaching, and I needed to get my taxes done ASAP for my school FAFSA form. I saw their office while crossing 12th Ave. and thought I would stop in and see what they could do for me.  I went in and spoke with Chun Wong. Chun was very helpful and polite, and willing to work with me to get my taxes processed and filed. Safe Harbor got my taxes done quickly (I think it was two days later I was picking them up).

Some of its services include tax management, estate and trust planning, tax preparation, and IRS representation. For existing clients, they also offer payroll services that implement a computerized system facilitating the timely processing of payments and preparation of tax returns. Jim McHale, the firm’s founder, is a certified financial planner and has a life and health license in California. Stanley C. Pollock, CPA, is an accounting firm serving San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

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Additionally, she plays a pivotal role in the meticulous management of diverse tax projects, ensuring every detail aligns with the highest standards of accuracy and compliance. In the vernacular, many people refer to CPA (certified public accountants) by different names. They might call us a “CPA,” or they might also call us an “accountant.” Sometimes they look for CPA firms and still others accounting firms. The reality is that all of this involves accounting, and that CPA’s are regulated by the State of California. So whether you call us an accountant or a CPA or a tax advisor (or just your best friend in the tax minimization business), it just means us. The one major thing about being a great accountant is always putting your client’s needs first.

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Top Colleges for High-Paying Jobs in Accounting.

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It’s always knowing your clients, and knowing where they want to go in a financial sense. Michael J. McPartlan, CPA was founded in January 2013 to serve individuals and small company owners in the San Francisco Bay Area with high-quality tax preparation and planning services. MJM is driven by a goal to establish a reputation as a trusted adviser to customers and to foster long-term ties within the local community. SD Mayer is inspired by the prospect of serving as your financial partner throughout the many seasons of your life, from business growth to family rearing to retirement preparation. CBIZ SLD is one of the Bay Area’s most reputable and long-standing accounting companies, offering a comprehensive range of professional accounting, tax, and consulting services. CBIZ SLD delivers accessible expertise with locations in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Walnut Creek.

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